Esther Weinberg MindLight Group


Culture… Talent… Change…

MindLight Group’s offerings are created and designed specifically for leaders in the new technology, media and entertainment industries. Our services are designed with an eye towards the demands of the business and industry trends that shape the organization and role you are in.

You found the right place if you are:

  • Worried that strategies are not being executed consistently
  • Concerned about employees’ ability to adapt to rapid change
  • Frustrated by your managers’ inability to become leaders
  • Figuring out how to more effectively provide value to external and internal clients
  • Unsure how to devise a 12-24-36 month flexible strategy that either grows, redefines or transforms your business
  • Looking for new ways to build flexibility and dexterity to recognize key business opportunities
  • Confused how to build the next generation of executives when you have a multitude of generations to harmonize and synergize.